"I hate proof reading because it reminds me that I need to do it."

Daveshn daveshn is perhaps one of the oldest members on the forums and the longest-running active member, bar Recon Dye himself. He has also been on the moderating team longer than anybody else and, at one point, he was the 2nd highest poster on the forums. Due to inactivity and other youngblood activity, he is now currently 4th. But that's okay since he's the moderator with the 2nd most posts still.

A Brief History of daveshnEdit

Joining March 2, 2005, daveshn had somewhat bad grammar. This was fixed, however, after people like mjc0961 corrected him or suggested using proper English to convey his messages. His excellent grammar on the internet helped the internet gain +1251 intelligence. Speaking of mjc0961, despite being friends with him, they seemed to fight sometimes. Whether it was over the new D/P games or because he returned from a break and Banov and mjc0961 were getting along, they did fight. Nevertheless, daveshn is pretty nice and calm when posting and hasn't raged in a while, if ever. He happened to win the very first Worst Comic Ever Contest, but due to an upload problem the image sucking so hard, we can't show it. He then made the next contest a year later.

daveshn rose in the ranks and became the moderator of the Pokémon-X Discussion and Fan Fiction forums, assuming authority after Banov was fired. And he didn't just moderate the Fan Fiction forum, he CONTRIBUTED TO IT. With permission from Banov, he finished writing BAPA chapters 33-40, ending the series. His speed and awesome story telling skills were appreciated and Banov cried manly tears because he was so proud of him.

Currently, daveshn is fairly inactive. After his big years of 2005-2007 slowly became 2008 and 2009, he slowly became less active as well. He still locks topics now and then, but isn't on as much as he was. But 2010 brought a surprise, with him vowing to be active more. Members shat bricks and vets shat more.

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